digital film 4:50 min – an embodied camera occupies disembodied realities. 

The camera is positioned in the middle of a layered up, spherical projection containing everything perceivable from a specific point (a 360 ° x 360 ° projection). The spatial set-up is inspired by google street view, which cartographs cities by an almost infinite number of spherical photographs. How relevant are these endless numbers of pictures to us, captured and stored within the collective memory of the www? Rather than recording the actual, this animation generates fake landscapes – imagined scapes, entirely made up.

Eva’s MArch Project at Bartlett School of Architecture London, MArch 2007,
selected for
Architettura in città festival, Turin 2011
Piazza dell’Achitettura, Trieste 2010
Souvenirs from Earth”, independent European TV Station (F,GER ) 2009