digital film 4:50 min – an embodied camera occupies disembodied realities. 

Literally and metaphorically, *.scape explores the limits of a current definition of space. The animation mimicks the camera angle of a Google Street View shot as an inquiry into the means of recording and localizing places, in order to give the audience the perception of an internet “no one – doing nothing – nowhere”. The animation’s camera is positioned at the centre of a layered, spherical projection that allows for any perceivable shot, from a specific point, of the 360 ° x 360 ° photographic image orbit. The results are eerie, fake and interchangeable “scapes” with no geographical focus, unlike Google; these „scapes“ result from a setup created from image search trips on the web, infinite numbers of spherical pictures could be created using the established method of mergine imagery into a continuous field without distinguishing between man-made and natural. Rather than recording the actual, the film generates poetic space without local horizons.

Eva’s MArch Project at Bartlett School of Architecture London, MArch 2007,
selected for
Architettura in città festival, Turin 2011
Piazza dell’Achitettura, Trieste 2010
Souvenirs from Earth, independent European TV Station (F,GER ) 2009
Architecture Beyond Building, 11th Architecture Biennale,
Italian Pavilion, Venice, 2008