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Interactive seamless 360 Animation

'Their story begins on ground level, with footsteps. They are myriad, but do not compose a series. They cannot be counted because each unit has a qualitative character: a style of tactile apprehension and kinesthetic appropriation. Their swarming mass is an innumerable collection of singularities. Their intertwined paths give their shape to spaces. They weave places together. In that respect, pedestrian movements form one of these real systems whose existence in fact makes up the city.'
Michel de Certeau, Practice of Everyday Life

Footsteps are locomotive. Temporary, fugitive. And necessarily embodied. They form trajectories, every time from anew. Remnants of bodies touching the ground while probably moving from one place to another.

We love subverting software. Using programs for what they were not meant to do. Introducing our own tactics, utilising a work flow's intermediate steps. Playing with the footsteps' ephemeral and transient character, only a portion of a movement in a city may be watched by an observer at a given moment.

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